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“We’re a creative health and lifestyle branded company with one goal...creating a community of foodies that seek wellness, athletic performance, and family nutrition throughout the life cycle. 

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WE ARE NOT A WEIGHT LOSS COMPANY. Instead, we employ the Health At Every Size Model (HAES), that initiates the practice of listening to your body and developing a relationship with food that is fun and joyful.  While Dezi and Foodtalk has experience and consults with athletes and people with similar needs to weight loss, Dezi recognizes the importance of learning skills and boosting your confidence regarding food and exercise so Let’s Talk Food and see how we can teach you how to do it more straightforward, quicker, and more enjoyable.  Get started with our online coaching application to see if Foodtalk is right for you!

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We prioritize the use of our social platform to educate and engage our clientele. We also remain focused on providing supportive and fun ways to engage with our client ranging from Nutrition Coaching and Meal Programs, Family And Parenting Nutrition Counseling, Sports Performance, and Nutrition Seminars.

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@FitDadsCook Blog

Looking for quick and easy meals? Struggling to find better work and family-life balance? Not sure what you should be feeding your kids? Well, don’t fret! “The Fit Dads Cook” blog and social media Instagram account (@fitdadscook) has GOT YOU! Come here for tips, tricks, and tools to boost your health

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“What if your responsibility to feed your kids was the same as the responsibility to feed yourself; with love, care, and intrigue."

“You have got to play with your food! You’ve got to have sanctioned food fights!”
— Dezi Abeyta, Owner


Blog and Instagram dedicated to teaching DADS how to be POWERFUL and WONDERFUL toward feeding their kids


See What Our Clients Are Saying!

Dezi and I worked together last year, when I was looking to clean up my eating and get some cooking and meal prep ideas. He visited in my home. We started off with some educational sessions which helped me understand the macro-nutrient needs of my body, and appropriate serving sizes. My favorite educational session was around mindful eating and thoughts about food. We did a grocery store visit, and we cooked! I loved his enthusiasm and ideas and highly recommend him!
— Tucson, AZ
Dezi has been helping me for the last few years. I came to him because I needed help understanding why I ate the way I did and increased weight after college. I lived a busy life and commuted to work in Los Angeles. Throughout the sessions, I learned so much about why I eat the way I did, mindful eating, and practical tips when eating out. I would highly recommend Dezi due to his attention to deal, effectiveness, and his wealth of knowledge about how and why we eat.
— Long Beach, CA
Dezi is brilliant as a dietician and counselor... the best I have ever had. He REALLY gets it and has thoughtful, creative, and effective strategies to challenge eating disordered thinking and behavior. Dezi truly cares. He goes above and beyond in scheduling, communicating, and accommodating unique situations. I feel completely safe and supported in his care. He is a life-saver!
— Tucson, AZ
Dezi has a unique approach to the recovery process, unlike any other dietitian I’ve ever seen . He keeps everything centered on you and your progress and really connects with his patients. He treats every aspect of the disorder, not just the food. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to recover from an eating disorder or gain balance in their life.
— Tucson, AZ
Enjoyed having Dezi at Bion CrossFit as a guest speaker! He knows his stuff and I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you Dezi.
— Tucson, AZ